Welcome to the Post-Consumer Studio! This studio is located in Oakland, CA with a large recording room with 16′ ceilings and gorgeous acoustics, and also has all of the comfortable amenities of a nice home including a great kitchen and large enclosed outdoor patio.  Many artists have comfortably slept here while recording.

The studio has been built around an analog summing system for Pro Tools HD so all of the automation and full recall abilities of Pro Tools are retained while having the warm and vivid sound of an analog mix.  I have an excellent Otari 1/4″ 2-track which can be used to print mixes to.  Many excellent mic preamps (including great “color” pres) and Apogee and Genex A/D, and  Benchmark, Mytek, and Avid D/A converters for a variety of possible sounds in sound capture and playback.  I have a really excellent mic collection to offer multiple great sound options for instrument capture.  The studio is exclusively wired with Mogami cable for the best possible fidelity.  I have every relevant Waves plug-in in addition to the McDsp stuff and many others. I have some excellent instruments including a fantastic sounding Baldwin upright piano, a Japanese Fender Mustang (short scale – easy for guitarists) bass and an impressively complete Pearl Export drum kit which features a shockingly commanding sounding bass drum (ideal for rock music).

High fidelity recordings are the usual objective here but there is also a genuine appreciation of the lo-fi aesthetic when it is called for.  Music is fundamentally a communication of passion and this studio exists to document and enhance the essence of the human spirit.

I also have a background in audio restoration (noise removal etc.) and have the best software for this on the market. I am available for this work for all kinds of projects (forensic/music/film/video).  Examples of this work are removing tape hiss, hum or buzz, and acoustically generated sounds.

Contact Owner-Engineer Nicholas Taplin for scheduling and rates: studio (at)

Nick Delffs 2015 record

Kmart copy


Some past work of mine includes:

Jedediah Learned “Square Peg”

Death Songs “Sung Inside a House”

The Hand to Man Band (John Dieterich, Mike Watt, Thollem McDonas, Tim Barnes) “You Are Always On Our Minds”

Stella Peach “Wisdom Teeth”

Kmart “Free Dirt”

Arrington de Dionyso “I See Beyond the Black Sun”

Bad News From Houston (John Dieterich, Thollem McDonas)

Nick Delffs “Home Recordings EP” – Nicholas Taplin mix of Nick Delffs home recordings.

Jeffrey Manson “West Co. Prowl”

Narwhal vs. Narwhal “Wipe the Sweat from Your Words”