Upcoming Shows

Stella Peach

Stella’s record release show is Saturday, November 15th at 7pm at the TAC: Temescal Art Center  511 48th St, Oakland, California 94609!

Thollem Electric 2014 Tour

Sept 20 (St. Paul, MN) Crow With No Mouth Concert Series | Solo (Myriads/Howled Ground)
Sept 21 (Milwaukee, WI) Sugar Maple | Solo (Myriads/Howled Ground)
Sept 22 (Madison, WI) Audio For The Arts – Surrounded By Reality | Solo (Myriads/Howled Ground) plus Sisters Three (Autumnal Equinox)
Sept 24 (Dubuque, IA) Eronel | Silver Ochre
Sept 25 (Cedar Falls, IA) Octopus College Hill | Silver Ochre
Sept 26 (Rock Island, IL) Rozz-Tox | Silver Ochre
Sept 27 (Chicago, IL) Piano Forte Studios | Solo (Myriads/Howled Ground)
Sept 28 (Champaign, IL) Institute 4 Creativity | Silver Ochre
Sept 30 (South Bend, IN) Merriman’s Playhouse | Solo (Myriads/Howled Ground)
Oct 1 (Grand Rapids, MI) Mexicains Sans Frontieres | Silver Ochre
Oct 3 (East Lansing, MI) Broad Art Museum | INTERsonicACTION
Oct 4-7 (Detroit, MI) Trinosophes Residency | 3 Pianos/3 Tunings (collaboration with virtuoso tuner Clem Fortuna)
Oct 6 (Detroit, MI) Trinosophes | 3 Pianos/3 Tunings concert
Oct 7 (Detroit, MI) Trinosophes | Electric Soar Quartet plus Nate Young/Neil Michael Haggerty
Oct 8 (Cincinnati, OH) Memorial Hall | With the films of Martha Colburn
Oct 10 (Dayton, OH) Canal Street Public House | Keyngdrum Overdrive with drummer tba
Oct 11 (Toledo, OH) Robinwood Concert House | Silver Ochre
Oct 12 (Erie, PA) PACA (performing artists’ collective alliance) | Duos with Adam Holquist and Rick Lopez
Oct 14 (Buffalo, NY) Perot Grain Elevator (Silo Sessions Presents) | Silver Ochre
Oct 18 (Middletown, CT) Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts and Cultural Center | Solo (Myriads/Howled Ground)
Oct 21 (Lowell, MA) 119 Gallery | With Jill Burton and Walter Wright
Oct 23 (Boston, MA) Berklee College of Music | Improvisation Workshop
Oct 24 (NY, NY) Spectrum | Duo with Michael Wimberly
Oct 26 (NY, NY) Downtown Music Gallery | Thollem electric with Ava Mendoza
Oct 28 (Harrisburg, PA) Moviate | Silver Ochre
Oct 31 (NY, NY) Spectrum’s Halloween Concert | Solo (Howled Ground)
Nov 1 (Philadelphia, PA) House Gallery 1816 (Fire House Museum Presents) | Solo (Myriads/Howled Ground)
Nov 2 (Washington, DC) Union Arts DC | TBA
Nov 6 (Chapel Hill, NC) Nightlight | Silver Ochre
Nov 11 (Athens, GA) The World Famous | Silver Ochre
Nov 14 and 15 (Chattanooga, TN) University of Tennessee | Large ensemble improvisation/collaboration workshop
Nov 16 (Nashville, TN) FMRL | Silver Ochre
Nov 20 (Little Rock, AK) Whitewater Tavern | Keyngdrum Overdrive with Daniel Olah
Nov 21 (St. Louis, MO) Tavern Of Fine Arts | Solo (Myriads/Howled Ground)
Nov 22 (Kansas City, MO) TBA | With Mark Southerland and more
Nov 23 (Lawrence, KS) TBA | TBA
Nov 25 (Denver, CO) TBA | TBA
December 16 – February (New Mexico) | Working on various projects