Santa Cruz Live Indie Rock!


This is a major personal project for me, presenting edited and mastered versions of my extensive library of live recordings of Santa Cruz indie rock shows I recorded 1999-2003, including both local and visiting bands. After trying every option I could think of, I have decided the best (though not highest fidelity) way to share these recordings is to stream them on my own server through the WordPress audio player. The old releases are in alphabetical order, and the new releases will be featured at the top of this page for a week or two before they are organized into the rest (alphabetically).

My extensive and popular photo essay documenting my introduction and immersion into the Santa Cruz indie rock scene is viewable here.

This project is dedicated to Josh Alper (RIP) who to me represented the essence of the Santa Cruz indie rock scene when I was involved with it.  Josh is the guy holding the guitar in the above photo.  He is featured in The Lowdown recordings and more that I am soon to add.  When I arrived in Santa Cruz I was completely manic and with no social/interpersonal skills, and by watching Josh I basically learned how to have a conversation.  My present social ability is largely owed to him.

The music players will likely take a few seconds to load the files. Also, with this new setup if you click on “play” on a different player it will automatically pause the player you last engaged. Nifty. Lastly, if you appreciate my immense work on this project, please peruse my record label’s catalog at the Post-Consumer store.

Gross Gang


Exploding Crustaceans


The Texas X’s






The Whip


The Sun


Dead and Gone


Frog Eyes


The Automatones




Plug Spark Sanjay


Jed and Dan


Lady Fingahs and Laura Lymes (first ever show!)


The Prids


Throw Em to the Lions


Tommy Lasorda


————–(older releases)—————-

30 Years War (this band was screamo hardcore but they played some indie rock shows)


40 Acre


The Ancient Age


The Barometers


The Centimeters


Cherry Ames


The Curtains




The Grief Counsel


Hate Mail Express (killer show!)


Jeffrey Manson Machine




The Lost Kids


The Lowdown



Lylah Katz


Maher Shalal Hash Baz


Nervous and the Kid






Roots of Orchis


Rosy Nolan




Sean Na Na


Sharp Dressed Man


Sin in Space


The Skinny Lewinskys


Static Drive


Subtle Oak Complexity


Sweet Nothing



Tracy and the Plastics


The Virgin Marys