Introducing Nehemiah St. Danger

Over seven years in the making, The Slow And Painful Birth of Nehemiah St. Danger is an autobiographical meta-operetta about Post-9/11 America, antediluvian mysteries and self-aggrandizing myth. And we have grabbed ahold and it now finally has a chance to see the light of day.

Even though this is Nehemiah’s debut as a solo artist, he holds a diverse and impressive musical resume. He’s recorded and played with members of The Fits, Psychic Reality, Pocahaunted, Silver Jews, Old Time Relijun, The Gris Gris and more. Nehemiah is currently in Malaikat Dan Singa with Arrington De Dionyso.

In what was ultimately a journey of self-discovery, St-Danger has harnessed the energy of this precarious world we inhabit and used it for all our benefit – he may well be the harbinger of a new American Folk Music. Mark your calendars, The Slow and Painful Birth Of Nehemiah St. Danger exits the birth canal on September 11th, 2012