pc 002 // Release Date: October 4th, 2011

Death Songs – Opillia

Side A 01. Let This Body Go 02. So Deadly 03. Ophelia 04. You Will Part
Side B 01. Water In The Eyes Of Man 02. Saw Everything 03. Deha-Antara 04. Remain In Love Straight To The End

Death Songs was formed by Nicholas and Nathan Delffs in the Summer of 2007. When they weren’t touring or recording with their other band (The Shaky Hands) they were putting all of their time and energy into this project. Playing shows in a very loose and half improvised manner, they were doing what they had always done since they were kids. Only this time Nicholas was the voice and songwriter and Nathan was the lead guitarist/Pedal Steel player and engineer. They began recording constantly in several different houses all through out Portland. Many improvisations were captured in those sessions and many of the songs were recorded soon after the song had been written. Eventually Nathan Delffs moved to New York to pursue his other band Forest Fire and Nicholas soon started to play with his favorite guitar player in Portland (John Gnorski). John and him were flown down to Austin Texas to begin recording an album with Nicholas Taplin, a very good friend and highly respected recording engineer.

Death Songs – Water In The Eyes Of Man

Death Songs has recorded a self-titled debut that was released on cassette in very limited quantities by U|H|U Tapes in 2009. Showing a slightly more tarnished aspect of Nick Delffs’ songwriting but in no way as dark and dirge-y as the name suggests, Death Songs is every bit as good as a Shaky Hands record—meaning very damn good indeed—and would be well worth reissuing in a greater capacity someday.
-Willamette Weekly