Name-your-price December!!

All this month, we’ve decided to let fans, friends and family of the Post-Consumer label determine what our releases are worth to each individual. On bandcamp, you can offer to pay whatever dollar amount you feel compelled to pay on great recordings like the Barnes/Dieterich/Thollem/Watt don’t-call-it-a-supergroup supergroup The Hand to Man Band, the debut EP from Portland’s Death Songs, the brilliant poet Bucky Sinister, the new LP from the intercontinental avant-circus-punk band TSIGOTI or the psychedelic pop stylings of Nehemiah St-Danger!! It’s an opportunity to show these artists some love, or check them out for very little (or no) money.

New LP by Tsigoti

The Imagination Liberation Front Thinks Again

release date 8/28/2012

With their third transatlantic bouillabaisse of anarcho-virtuosi avant-punk stylings, Tsigoti continue to intone their unabashed frustrations with the shortcomings of our human experiment with war. The Imagination Liberation Front Thinks Again (ILF), our new slab from this quartet of overly experienced anti-specialists, merges the angst of punk, the absurdity of Dada and the soapbox political shoutings of the world’s finest provocateurs.

ILF shifts like the surface of an ocean. It’s moody, cinematic and forceful. The lyrics are borne from genuine frustration and dissatisfaction with the atrocities of war, violence, injustice, genocide, superiority, prejudice, arrogance, oppression, pollution and freeways. There’s a Dadaesque boiling-over to the words, which only supply yet more integrity to the madcap ravings of the guitar, bass and drums. At times, Thollem provides an exemplary bent circus piano, even throwing in some ragtime, but as if Scott Joplin swapped hormones with Iggy Pop.  Each musician grows in and out of each other, in a quantumly and musically entangled force field.

But this is not inaccessible music, which makes Tsigoti even more important. Their whimsical, spasmodic punkestrations exhibit a deep precision, like a finely-oiled Jean Tinguely sculpture. You just hit the power switch and watch the whole thing unfold. That is how to experience the world of Tsigoti.

Introducing Nehemiah St. Danger

Over seven years in the making, The Slow And Painful Birth of Nehemiah St. Danger is an autobiographical meta-operetta about Post-9/11 America, antediluvian mysteries and self-aggrandizing myth. And we have grabbed ahold and it now finally has a chance to see the light of day.

Even though this is Nehemiah’s debut as a solo artist, he holds a diverse and impressive musical resume. He’s recorded and played with members of The Fits, Psychic Reality, Pocahaunted, Silver Jews, Old Time Relijun, The Gris Gris and more. Nehemiah is currently in Malaikat Dan Singa with Arrington De Dionyso.

In what was ultimately a journey of self-discovery, St-Danger has harnessed the energy of this precarious world we inhabit and used it for all our benefit – he may well be the harbinger of a new American Folk Music. Mark your calendars, The Slow and Painful Birth Of Nehemiah St. Danger exits the birth canal on September 11th, 2012

Last Days of the Summer Sale!!

As we reach the last half of the summer season, we at Post-Consumer Records would like to remind you about the ongoing Summer Sale. This is only for a limited time, so grab it up now!

If you buy two digital releases, you’ll get the last one absolutely free. That’s Bucky Sinister, Death Songs and The Hand To Man Band for a paltry $14! To take advantage of the Summer Sale, simple enter the code LITESUMMER when checking out of the store.

Tour Dates Announced

Summer is a great chance to plan your next outing to see our Post-Consumer artists.

Join John Dietereich (Hand To Man Band and Bad News From Houston) this Autumn. He has announced Fall tour dates with his band Deerhoof

Thollem (Bad News from Houston, The Hand to Man Band, and Tsigoti) is touring across every corner the American landscape with his solo project through the rest of the summer and into the fall. From Anacortes to Ann Arbor, don’t miss his incredible performances combining extreme imagination and perfect execution. If you want your mind sonically blown in the most enjoyable way, Thollem is your man!

Mike Watt (Hand to Man Band) is perpetually on tour with one project or another. Currently we have dates for Stooges and the Missingmen on the site.

Check out the Store page for all of our artists releases. For a complete listing of all the artists and their tour dates, check out the Event Calendar link for all of the available dates and we’ll see you out there!!!!