Thollem Electric: US Tour 2013

Post-Consumer Records Presents:
Thollem Electric
Tsigoti In The Valley Of The Cloudbuilder
March – May 2013

Thollem is known around the world as a wildly eclectic improvising piano player.  Now with his Rhodes, analog effects and voice, Thollem Electric’s “Tsigoti In The Valley Of The Cloudbuilder” forges Italian punk rock and colossal sonic machinations, all to the backdrop of the exquisitely twisted stop-motion films and videos of MANUCINEMA (tuia cherici).  The solo show is an irreverent spectacle where Thollem “claws at musical and sociopolitical borders” with “pungent, acute lyrics” (Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes) and “unreal linear explosions”. (Greg Burk, LA Weekly)
In the past, he has played pianos with the strength and dexterity of a professional athlete. Now, he’s plugging in all that energy and taking it on the road, from the San Francisco Bay Area to Chicago to NYC to St. Louis to Albuquerque and many points in between.

ThollemElectric ©Angela C Villa

Video by tuia cherici MANUCINEMA

Thollem (US) is the lead singer of the Italian agit-punk band Tsigoti, as well as The Hand To Man Band with John Dieterich and Mike Watt.  Last year he released 6 albums including a trio album with Nels Cline and William Parker.

Tuia Cherici (IT/DE) develops filmed stories made by recycling, animating and recording available materials in the moment (stop-motion, collage, animated sculpture, mixed techniques). Aesthetically intriguing, most of her works come out by observing and molding the materials discovered in her daily life.


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