Bad News From Houston

In the Valley of the Cloudbuilder
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Bad News from Houston cover art by Tuia Cherici

Bad News from Houston cover art by Tuia Cherici

In The Valley Of The Cloudbuilder, by Bad News From Houston represents an evolutionary leap for Thollem (Tsigoti, The Hand to Man Band) and John Dieterich (Deerhoof, The Hand to Man Band). Having collaborated in various contexts as a duo over the last several years, most notably All For Now (Dromos Records, 2010), they assumed this new band moniker in recognition of the fact that they were mining very new musical territory. Constructing an array of tunes using only an amplified piano and acoustic guitar and feedback and blurring the lines between seemingly disparate aesthetic camps, they have created something totally alien, yet immediately recognizable. Ranging from rainy day intertwining melodies and gentle warm wind ballads to frenetic clouds of agitated trances, the album remains surprisingly coherent. With each piece seemingly occupying its own miniature sonic universe, the album begs questions that encourage each listener to answer of their own volition.
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